Time to Engage, SCREEMO Blog is Here!

Time to Engage, SCREEMO Blog is Here!

Welcome to the world of SCREEMO. A world where interaction between consumers and brands through gamification comes to life. If you are new to SCREEMO, welcome. Here’s what we do – we make it possible for brands of all sizes to engage consumers with custom-made, unique and fun gamified experiences that run in physical locations.

Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs), cinemas, retail stores, theme parks and virtually any service-oriented location can benefit greatly from SCREEMO’s creative solutions.  We make it easy to captivate and engage in-store audiences, reduce perceived wait times, enhance customer experiences , create upsell opportunities and increase online orders through gamification.  

In order to engage with the new generation of mobile-obsessed, highly demanding consumers, brands must continuously innovate and excite. Our in-store  activations are designed to amplify guest experiences and drive consumers to act through interaction.

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Without  question, the integration of mobile into every aspect of our lives is one of the biggest trends we’re all experiencing first hand. For businesses such as QSRs and fast-casual restaurants, where positive in-store experience is  crucial for gaining competitive edge, harnessing the power of mobile in order to engage consumers on location presents a huge untapped opportunity.

What is SCREEMO?

My name is Adir Zimerman, and I am the CEO and co-founder of SCREEMO; an award-winning startup, that operates in Europe, North America and APAC. Since inception, we have partnered with market-leading,  global companies including Microsoft, The Coca-Cola Company, Deutsche Telekom, and SAP.

If you’re searching for new, creative ways to engage with consumers, build loyalty, create a long-lasting emotional connection to your brand  and essentially, drive sales, follow us. We will provide regular blog updates into how SCREEMO and its captivating gamification eco system are redefining brand engagement.

SCREEMO is the world’s first cloud-based SaaS platform to enable fast, simple, and scalable creation and measurement of on-location gamified experiences that run in physical locations – with no programming needed.

No coding is  required!

Brand Managers love us. SCREEMO is a SaaS cloud-based  platform designed to create scalable and customizable in-store engagement activations without writing a single line of code.  Launch, grow and scale your in-store activation with the click of a button. OK more than one button, but really easily through an intuitive UI.

Literally anyone on the team can create cost-effective and scalable interactive campaigns quickly and easily. With SCREEMO, you can also review engagement rates, redeem statistics, and monitor results of your ongoing activations. This data is invaluable for gaining actionable insights into your consumers’ shopping habits, behavioural trends and preferences.

Coca Cola loves SCREEMO

Take a look at how Coca-Cola used SCREEMO gamified experience to increase sales and promote new beverages in a large  cinema complex.  Moviegoers were able to play an interactive game on digital screens throughout the theater by using their smartphones as the remote-controls. The activation engaged over 24,000 consumers. What’s more,  4273 participants received coupons for beverages as a reward with a whopping 87% of the winners claiming their prizes. See how we did it here.

QSRs and In-Store Engagement Trends

Mobile is transforming QSR business today from all angles, and consumer engagement strategies must be increasingly designed to leverage the potential of mobile technologies.

As the QSR market becomes saturated and more competitive, successful in-store guest engagement and positive customer experiences have become more crucial than ever.  

Filling in the Waiting Time Gap

Consumers are often left to their own devices (pun intended) during that inevitable part of consumer journey where they are waiting for their order to be delivered.

Waiting times do not only create negative consumer experiences, but also present a missed opportunity for consumer engagement for QSRs and fast casual restaurants.

On-Location gamified experiences are the ultimate solution for filling in the waiting time gap. Using the power of technology and gamification you can turn the waiting time into a positive customer experience, generate engagement and urge consumers to action through compelling calls to action.

QSRs need to find creative solutions if they want to keep up with the new generation of mobile-addicted  customers throughout their entire omnichannel journey – from in-store to mobile and beyond.

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By Daniele Zedda • 18 February


By Daniele Zedda • 18 February

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