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Gamification boosts loyalty
How gamification can boost your loyalty program

More screens, brands, and experiences compete for your customer’s attention than ever. In addition, consumers are increasingly relying on technology when making their purchasing decisions. Faced with fierce competition, QSR and fast casual restaurants increasingly focus on loyalty programs as a way to generate repeat visits in their establishments. Focusing on loyalty programs makes total sense. The Center for Retail Management at Northwestern University, showed that nearly 70% of all sales are generated by loyal customers. Additionally, aside from raising profits, loyalty programs can lower expenditures on traditional marketing schemes. Considering that the price of […]

On-location gamification triangle of consumer engagement
Triangle of Engagement- The Road to On-location Gamification Success

Engaged and loyal customers are the holy grail for any consumer-oriented business, but especially so for quick service and fast casual restaurants. The competition is fierce, and the consumers are becoming more difficult to reach with traditional marketing techniques. Satisfying increasingly demanding consumers across multiple channels–online, in-store, and mobile has become the marketing challenge #1 for quick service and fast-casual restaurant marketers. We  must  find innovative solutions that will allow us to connect with consumers on a personal level and create positive experiences in-store and beyond. One solution that is increasingly gaining popularity involves interactive gamified […]

gamification screemo
On-location gamification takes over the world!

2016 was a great year for on-location gamification. Faced with fierce competition, changing consumer tastes and the growing complexity of retail landscape that goes hand in hand with the rise of omnichannel, an increasing number of quick service and fast casual restaurants are turning to gamification to solve their marketing challenges. When consumer-oriented brands, such as retail stores and quick-service restaurants use on-location gamification, they create positive customer experiences and encourage return visits. By turning an uneventful visit to your establishment into an exciting and fun experience you can change how people feel about your […]

art of creating wow - Gamified Brand Activations in Action
The Art of Creating Wow – Gamified Brand Activations in Action

When brands engage consumers with experiences that delight them, they can rapidly convert strangers into die-hard loyal customers and brand promoters. That’s the power of a gamified brand activation in a nutshell—an onslaught of “wow!” Examples of Great Gamified Activations in Action Brand activation through gamified experiences isn’t a niche or a fad. Some of the world’s largest companies have used gamified brand activations to open up new markets, enhance in-store customer experiences and build loyalty. Here are just a few of the most outstanding examples from across various industries, including food and beverage, gaming […]

marketer's guide to gamification
Engage and Conquer: Marketer’s Guide to Gamification

More often than not, our efforts to engage with consumers fall on deaf ears. What we as marketers consider fun and engaging, consumers often dismiss as dull, tedious and irrelevant. The world around us is changing: we are now fighting for hearts and minds, not just wallets. We don’t want people to simply consume our product, but to rather authentically fall in love with our brand. To complicate matters further, retail brands are facing increasing competition from online and mobile channels. Brick and mortar stores need solutions that tap into unique value propositions that differentiate […]

mobile phones at the restaurant
4 Inspiring Examples of Outstanding Omnichannel Customer Experiences

Quick Service Restaurants on a mission to reach the hearts and minds of spoiled for choice consumers should recite: omnichannel is the new normal. Unlike other forms of retail, QSR consumers don’t get to keep what they buy. They order their food, they eat it, and then they are gone. When it comes to standing out from your competitors, a smooth omnichannel customer experience is key. The in-store experience is the most critical step in the omnichannel customer journey. The physical location offers opportunities for consumer engagement unparalleled in the digital world. The best way […]

on-location gamification in a QSR
7 Reasons to Implement Gamification in Your QSR Chain

Quick-service (QSRs) and fast casual restaurants need to intensify their efforts to strengthen customer loyalty and attract new consumers, as they continue facing immense challenges from inside and outside their four walls. Those challenges include decreasing sales, evolving consumer tastes, and stiff competition in a saturated market. The importance of positive experiences for QSRs is hard to overstate. According to research it takes 12 positive experiences to make up for a single unresolved negative experience. At the same time, companies are struggling to provide the positive experience that customers have come to expect. The Temkin […]

QSR consumer engagment
The True Value of In-Store Engagement for QSRs

Consumers and the way they shop is evolving. Customer experience with the brand starts long before they set foot inside the physical location, and continues beyond the initial purchase. In-store engagement and customer experience have become a critical part of marketing and promotional strategies for all consumer-oriented businesses, and especially so for QSRs. Consumers are no longer content with good food, quick service and lower prices; they expect brands to go above and beyond to create personalized and fun experiences. QSRs that acknowledge this need and put consumer engagement and customer experience at the top […]

It's time to engage your consumers
Time to Engage, SCREEMO Blog is Here!

Welcome to the world of SCREEMO. A world where interaction between consumers and brands through gamification comes to life. If you are new to SCREEMO, welcome. Here’s what we do – we make it possible for brands of all sizes to engage consumers with custom-made, unique and fun gamified experiences that run in physical locations. Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs), cinemas, retail stores, theme parks and virtually any service-oriented location can benefit greatly from SCREEMO’s creative solutions.  We make it easy to captivate and engage in-store audiences, reduce perceived wait times, enhance customer experiences , create […]


By Daniele Zedda • 18 February


By Daniele Zedda • 18 February

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