Dancing with Elephants: SCREEMO and Coca-Cola

Dancing with Elephants: SCREEMO and Coca-Cola

In the upcoming series of blogs we will share SCREEMO unique experience of participating in FOUR different corporate accelerator programs. “Dancing with elephants”, our cooperation with large corporations such as Coca-Cola, Deutsche Telekom, Publicis and Microsoft, have played a major role in our success. Here is our story.

Coca-Cola & Startups – A Win Win Situation

As the most recognizable brand in the world, Coca-Cola certainly knows a thing or two about successful global marketing. For over a century, Coca-Cola remains an undisputed global leader both in product sales and marketing. In fact, in 2016 Coca-Cola has been named the world’s most effective marketer for a second year in a row according to 2016 Effie Effectiveness Index.

Some of Coca-Cola’s most successful innovative marketing campaigns would not be possible without the quick adoption by the company of new, cutting-edge technologies. Coca-Cola is always on the lookout for startups that offer technological solutions that can benefit them or their partners through cutting costs or generating new revenue streams.  That is why the Bridge commercialization program was born.

The Bridge program is aimed to support tech startups in their early stages of growth, and enables Coca-Cola and its partners to quickly adopt new technologies in ways that would have never been possible using traditional business practices.

The Bridge as the gateway to Coca-Cola’s ecosystem

Coca-Cola The Bridge launch - Executives

Coca-Cola launched the Bridge program in Tel Aviv, one of the most vibrant innovation hubs in the world. Over the past three years “The Bridge” Program has reached out to over 600 companies, of which 150 were interviewed and only 30 hand-picked innovative startups, including SCREEMO, were invited to participate.  

Being a part of the Coca-Cola Bridge program has given us the ability to work with Coca-Cola directly on exciting marketing projects, and opened the doors to Coca-Cola’s ecosystem with its extensive network of business units, partners and clients.

The Bridge offers growth stage startups  tangible commercial guidance in the form of training, storytelling workshops, mentoring, and most importantly connections to Coca-Cola’s business units and their partners. Aside from training and mentorship, The Bridge offers an opportunity to pilot within Coca-Cola and a chance to license the startup’s product to Coca-Cola as well as its partners.

SCREEMO and the Bridge

When “The Bridge” was launched in the vibrant hi-tech hub of Tel Aviv, SCREEMO made it into the top 10 companies chosen for participation. Until today SCREEMO continues to receive great traction within the Coca-Cola ecosystem and excels above the other participating companies in our ability to initiate pilot projects and close deals with Coca-Cola and its partners

Let’s get into some of the major projects that SCREEMO has successfully launched as a result of our participation in the Bridge commercialization program.

After our first joint gamified activation project with Coca-Cola in Sandys store in Stockholm in the end of 2014, we have been able to build on our success and set up similar experiences in many locations worldwide.  

Cinema City, Israel

In January 2015, Coca-Cola turned to Screemo gamified experiences platform in order to increase sales and promote new beverages in Israel’s biggest cinema complex: Cinema-City located in Israel’s fourth largest city, Rishon LeZion.

Moviegoers were able to play an interactive game on digital screens throughout the theater by using their smartphones as remote-controls. Customers were invited to take out their mobile phones and to try to “shoot” popcorn into a popcorn bucket without hitting the Coca-Cola bottles on a digital screen.

Every participant was awarded a coupon as a reward. Two types of coupons were used: a coupon for a free beverage or a discount coupon, as the goals of the campaign were twofold: to onboard new customers and to in increase sales at the counter. The campaign generated thousands of direct engagements with  87% of winners claiming coupons during the 5-month long campaign. At the same time,  25,000 potential new customers were exposed to the brand.

 Carl Jr Turkey

2016 Coca cola partnered with Carl Jr quick service restaurant in Turkey to create a gamified experience in their location. The concept was to engage the people waiting in line in the food court with SCREEMO gamified experiences in order to increase sales and promote premium products. The campaign , improved customer experience, reduced perceived waiting time  and most importantly promoted the new product and Carl Jr. brand.   

Carl Jr Turkey

Slagharen themepark.

In March 2016  we have brought gamified experiences to the famous Slagharen themepark in the Netherlands.  We targeted the amusement park Teen Zone, where Coca-Cola created amazing photo booth and digital screen for digital engagements. Teens jumped at the opportunity to win coupons for Coca-Cola drinks, generating unparalleled levels of brand engagement.  

Domino’s Pizza, Netherlands

Following the introduction by Coca-Cola, In February 2017, SCREEMO began transforming the customer experience at Domino’s Pizza in Leiden Netherlands. This was yet another important connection made through the Coca-Cola Bridge program.  

The new gamified experience for Domino’s addresses some of the most crucial issues for service-oriented brick and mortar locations: Increasing loyalty, reducing perceived wait time, generating repeat visits, and elevating in-store customer experience to the next level.

The prominently located digital screen acted as an activator,  inviting customers to compete with other customers in a fun game while waiting for their pizza.  Customers enjoyed their waiting time and won rewards in form of coupons that could be redeemed during their next visit.

To increase loyalty and stimulate return visits, customers could continue to play the game away from the branch in arcade mode to rack up points and achievements which rewarded them and incentivized them to return to the branch and encouraged them to buy more pizzas.

KO Labs

Our collaboration with Coca-Cola has expanded to KO labs in Brussels, Shanghai, and Dubai. The KO labs is an innovation hub, where Coca-Cola brings all its VIP and strategic clients to present them with new technologies and their applications through workshops and showrooms.  Through our continuous presence there we have been able to demonstrate the benefits of gamified customer experiences for KO labs global customers, including Walmart and Burger King.

Strategic Events

Coca-Cola has presented our technology to its vast network of clients and partners, and presented SCREEMO gamified experiences at strategic events around the world, including  Cinecon, Cineeurope and KFC Franchisee events in the US, Macau and Dubai.

CinemaCon and Cine Europe are premier events for the cinema exhibition community. Both conventions offer a unique opportunity to interact with stakeholders from the sector, and SCREEMO had the priviledge to showcase how gamified experiences can be used to engage moviegoers and improve movie-going experiences.

events screemo and Coca-Cola

KFC Events highlighted the relevance of SCREEMO gamified experiences to the quick service and fast casual industry.

KFC Macau


There is no doubt that SCREEMO has created a tremendous buzz and generated valuable connections as a result of our participation in the Bridge program. Through our partnership with Coca-Cola we were able to launch highly successful projects with some of the biggest companies in the world, and we have no doubt that, going forward, our relationship with Coca-Cola will continue taking us to new heights.     


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By Daniele Zedda • 18 February


By Daniele Zedda • 18 February

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