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  • INFOGRAPHIC: Promotion awareness through print and digital signage

    The in-store promotional materials are the beginning of the customer’s journey inside the gamified experience and with vision being the most powerful human sense, well designed print and digital promotions are the most effective way of attracting the customers attention.

  • INFOGRAPHIC: How to create a compelling visual call to action

    The content and design are both major players in creating a call to action that activates your customers and compels them to engage. Here are our best practices for creating promotional materials that achieve this:

  • INFOGRAPHIC: Why use split testing

    The best way to meet your business KPI’s is to optimize campaigns by using split testing (a/b testing). It is an accurate and effective methodology that turns subjective choices into objective choices – if you want to know whether the text on a promotion works better in yellow or blue – split testing has the answer!  

  • INFOGRAPHIC: 3 steps for generating engagement for the gamified experience

    In order to generate engagement the promotional materials must be located strategically along the customer journey from the moment they enter the store, until they take out their mobile device and engage with the gamified experience. Find out how we at SCREEMO expose the customer to the messaging 3 times in order to create high levels of engagement in the infographic below:  

  • INFOGRAPHIC: 5 best practices for split testing

    Split testing is a way of measuring the effectiveness of your marketing efforts by conducting controlled experiments in order to see which aspects of the campaign work the best. By testing different versions and variations against each other you gain meaningful data that will allow you to truly optimize your campaigns. With many different parts making up SCREEMO’s gamified experience and the technological ability to optimize in real time on the sales floor, here are my 5 best practices to make sure your test results are viable and true:

  • 9 Best Practices For Creating A Mobile Landing Page

    From the moment your customers hits your mobile landing page the statistics are against you. 9 out of 10 users will bounce from your page having made an almost instant decision on whether they are interested in what you’re selling. Everything matters. From the design, to the content, to the size of the font, the choices you make will decide the efficacy of the page as a marketing or sales tool for your brand. When users enter SCREEMO’s gamified experiences we take great care and pay serious attention to the first page they meet. It’s […]

  • 5 Best Practices for creating the perfect Game Design Document (GDD)

      At SCREEMO we help brick and mortar retailers to connect their physical consumers who shop in-store, to their omnichannel (e.g. e-commerce site or app) using digital experiences that run in-store. Part of these experiences includes a 5-30 second mobile game to incentivize the physical consumers to connect to the brands omnichannel. OneCode, one of SCREEMO’s partners, are helping us with the game aspect of the experience for our global customers, specializing in cross platform game development. In order to create these games we work with our customers on a central document called a Game […]

  • Dancing with Elephants- Microsoft and Deutsche Telekom

    This blog concludes the three-part series focused on SCREEMO’s unique experience of participating in FOUR different corporate programs. “Dancing with elephants”, or cooperation with large corporations such as Coca-Cola, Deutsche Telekom, Publicis and Microsoft, have played a major role in our success. Here is our story. SCREEMO and the Microsoft Accelerator Program I’m always amazed at the outstanding level of mentorship and support that SCREEMO received as a participant in various corporate programs. Microsoft Accelerator was yet another outstanding example of why startups can reap tremendous benefits by partnering up with large corporations. The program […]

  • Coming back for more: how to drive return visits in your QSR

    It is estimated that the cost of acquiring a new customer constitutes  4 to 8 times the cost of retaining one. At the same time, existing customers are 50% more likely to try new products and they spend on average 31% more then the new customers. So the question is not why customer loyalty is important but rather, what makes a customer come back? What drives customer loyalty? A recent, study by Rare, had some very interesting insights. They reveal that loyalty to a brand is based primarily on customer’s emotions. While general purchases are driven […]

  • Dancing with Elephants – Publicis90

    In the upcoming series of blogs we will share SCREEMO unique experience of participating in FOUR different corporate accelerator programs. “Dancing with elephants”, or cooperation with large corporations such as Coca-Cola, Deutsche Telekom, Publicis and Microsoft, have played a major role in our success. Here is our story. The top 90 As a part of its 90th anniversary celebration, Publicis Groupe, the third-largest ad company in the world, launched Publicis90 – a partner program which would provide mentorship and support to ninety hand-picked digital startups, who will also gain access to Publicis network worldwide, including […]

By Daniele Zedda • 18 February


By Daniele Zedda • 18 February

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