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Adir is the CEO and Co-founder of SCREEMO, In this role, he successfully transformed SCREEMO from an idea into a global company that operates in Europe, APAC and North America, with well-known companies such as Microsoft, Coca-Cola, SAP and more. Adir is a multicultural entrepreneur, a seasoned business manager and technology expert, he possesses extensive operational and hands-on development experience. Adir holds a B.Sc. in Computer Science and a B.A. in Economics from Tel-Aviv University.

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  • Dancing with Elephants: SCREEMO and Coca-Cola

    In the upcoming series of blogs we will share SCREEMO unique experience of participating in FOUR different corporate accelerator programs. “Dancing with elephants”, our cooperation with large corporations such as Coca-Cola, Deutsche Telekom, Publicis and Microsoft, have played a major role in our success. Here is our story. Coca-Cola & Startups – A Win Win Situation As the most recognizable brand in the world, Coca-Cola certainly knows a thing or two about successful global marketing. For over a century, Coca-Cola remains an undisputed global leader both in product sales and marketing. In fact, in 2016 […]

  • How gamification can boost your loyalty program

    More screens, brands, and experiences compete for your customer’s attention than ever. In addition, consumers are increasingly relying on technology when making their purchasing decisions. Faced with fierce competition, QSR and fast casual restaurants increasingly focus on loyalty programs as a way to generate repeat visits in their establishments. Focusing on loyalty programs makes total sense. The Center for Retail Management at Northwestern University, showed that nearly 70% of all sales are generated by loyal customers. Additionally, aside from raising profits, loyalty programs can lower expenditures on traditional marketing schemes. Considering that the price of […]

  • ISE 2017 – Key Takeaways

    We have just came back from ISE 2017 in Amsterdam, and wanted to share our experiences and thoughts from the convention. First, let’s not forget that the beer was great (thank you, Grolsch Brewery) and the cheese was magnificent. But dear God, was it cold! Despite the freezing temperatures outside, the atmosphere on the conference floor was upbeat. We were most grateful for the opportunity to meet numerous potential partners among the near 1,200 exhibitors and over 73,000 attendees from 150 countries. Registered attendees to ISE 2017 were at an all-time high at 73,413, an […]

  • Brick and Mortar Evolution: Biggest trends for 2017

    Despite the rapid rise of ecommerce, physical stores still matter a great deal for the world’s biggest retailers. A recent study by Time Trade showed that 71% of consumers still prefer to go to a physical location to buy something, rather than buy the same thing online. Trying on a dozen dresses while hanging out with friends or splitting a pizza while hitting the town is an experience that simply cannot be replicated online. Walmart, the world’s largest retailer, is working on leveraging it’s behemoth network of brick and mortar stores in order to fend […]

  • ISE 2017: SCREEMO to showcase its innovative On-location Gamification Platform

    Are you attending ISE 2017 in Amsterdam?  Make sure you are not missing out on SCREEMO On-location Gamification Platform. Drop by 8-F275, 12-K70 or 8-R232 for a hands on demonstration! SCREEMO’s gamified experience addresses some of the most crucial issues for service-oriented brick and mortar locations, such as Quick Service Restaurants, Fast Casuals and Retail: increasing loyalty, generating repeat visits, and elevating in-store customer experience to the next level. At the show we will feature some of our work with well-known global brands including Microsoft, Coca-Cola, Deutsche Telekom, SAP and others. One of our latest […]

  • Must-attend events for Digital Signage professionals in 2017

    2017 is going to herald many exciting developments for the Digital Signage industry. The industry keeps moving towards an integrated model that combines hardware, software, integrator and network levels to boost customer service and experience. Another trend that will gain momentum in 2017 is the interactive use of mobile devices,  for example the integration of  mobile and Digital Signage solutions. To keep up with the latest developments in Digital Signage and AV integration it is important to attend the right industry events. Check out the list of the most exciting events for interactive Digital Signage […]

  • 6 Biggest Challenges Facing QSRs in 2017

    Without a doubt, some of the biggest trends in restaurant marketing from 2016 will keep on gaining momentum in 2017. Essentially, the overall experience that a restaurant delivers will increasingly become a “make it or break it” factor for restaurants in a growingly competitive environment. Restaurants that offer experiences instead of just food will have an edge when it comes to building that loyal community of repeat customers, which is the core of any sustainable business.   The consumers’ increasing reliance on digital devices is also one of the trends that is with us to stay. […]

  • Customer Experience for QSR: Events You can’t Afford to Miss in 2017

    With hundreds of events taking place annually for this bustling sector, it’s easy to get confused. Which one should you attend and which should you skip? We’ve done the legwork for you and  shortlisted the ‘must attend or get left behind’ events for 2017. So if you’re a QSR or fast casual, don’t miss out. Here are 11 customer experience oriented events for you. MURTEC 2017: March 7-9, Las Vegas, U.S. This year’s conference theme is “Dining Goes Digital,” and will look at gamification, mobile payments, crowdsourcing and other digital disruptions that can help QSRs […]

  • Customer Loyalty Challenge: How to Catch Them All

    The competition for quick service restaurants is getting tougher by the minute. Consider the threat that convenience stores now pose to QSRs. By selling freshly baked goods, quick meals, fruits, vegetables and high-end coffee in bright, clean and spacious buildings, convenience stores have increased consumer foot traffic by 15 percent over the past five years – drawing nearly 4.9 billion visitors in 2016. The primary cause of this growth was the introduction of quick meals and even limited seating in convenience stores. This new and fierce competition highlights the need for QSRs to build up […]

  • Engage and Conquer: Marketer’s Guide to Gamification

    More often than not, our efforts to engage with consumers fall on deaf ears. What we as marketers consider fun and engaging, consumers often dismiss as dull, tedious and irrelevant. The world around us is changing: we are now fighting for hearts and minds, not just wallets. We don’t want people to simply consume our product, but to rather authentically fall in love with our brand. To complicate matters further, retail brands are facing increasing competition from online and mobile channels. Brick and mortar stores need solutions that tap into unique value propositions that differentiate […]

By Daniele Zedda • 18 February


By Daniele Zedda • 18 February

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